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Mutual occlusions among targets can cause track loss or target position deviation, because the observation likelihood of an occluded target may vanish even when we have the estimated location of the target. This paper presents a novel probability framework for multitarget tracking with mutual occlusions. The primary contribution of this work is the introduction of a vectorial occlusion variable as part of the solution. The occlusion variable describes occlusion states of the targets. This forms the basis of the proposed probability framework, with the following further contributions: 1) Likelihood: A new observation likelihood model is presented, in which the likelihood of an occluded target is computed by referring to both of the occluded and oc-cluding targets. 2) Priori: Markov random field (MRF) is used to model the occlusion priori such that less likely "circular" or "cascading" types of occlusions have lower priori probabilities. Both the occlusion priori and the motion priori take into consideration the state of occlusion. 3) Optimization: A realtime RJMCMC-based algorithm with a newmove type called "occlusion state update" is presented. Experimental results show that the proposed framework can handle occlusions well, even including long-duration full occlusions, which may cause tracking failures in the traditional methods.

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