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This paper reports a planar induction motor (PIM) that can output 70 N translational thrust and 9 Nm torque with a response time of 10 ms. The motor consists of three linear induction motor (LIM) armatures with vector control drivers and three optical mouse sensors. First, an idea to combine multiple linear induction elements is proposed. The power distribution to each element is derived from the position and orientation of that element. A discussion of the developed system and its measured characteristics follow. We implemented a PIM with position and orientation tracking control. Experiments were carried out using the system. First, response of individual LIM was measured, and we confirmed that it could output thrust up to 40 N in a response of 10 ms. It also showed linearity. Then, force/torque output of the integrated PIM was confirmed. Using the PIM and the position sensing system, the position feedback control was performed. The results were presented by graphs on the paper and by movie included in accompanying video. These experimental results highlights the potential of direct drive features of the PIM.

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